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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trying To Catch Up (Life is Good)

 I have been sewing, just not blogging.  I haven't been sewing nearly as much as I used to be able to, but if I do get time to sew AND take some photos, I definitely don't seem to have the time to blog about my process, fabrics, pattern and such.  I'm sad that I can't do what I used to, but this little boy has made everything more challenging... and more wonderful.

This is the Tie Dye Diva Janie and Jack pattern.  It's an adorable little pattern with a lined bodice and instructions for a snap crotch, which I decided to forgo.  I added a bow tie to try to make it more boyish.  He's just so pretty, it's not totally clear that he's a boy to all his public admirers.

 For our obligatory family beach photo in Destin, I sewed my shirt using the Grainline Tee pattern and I made the girls dresses from three different rayon prints I found at Hancock Fabrics (RIP) and used a combo of the Rabbit Rabbit Hummingbird dress bodice and the skirt from Annabelle by Violette Field Threads.

This is the OZ romper from Ellidactyl.  I made 2, but my snap process is not going well.  I can get them in, but then they keep getting pulled out in use.  I've stayed away from snaps for a while since I made this.

This is the most involved thing I've made for me since my boy was born.  It's my Easter dress.  I chose this beautiful rayon print from JoAnn's and used a Cynthia Rowley pattern from Simplicity (1801).

Oh, and I colored my hair pink, which was super fun, but too expensive to keep up for very long.
I'll try to do another catch-up post soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's up?

First, this happened.

 So I bought the Megan Nielson maternity tee shirt pattern and made three or four.
Then, this happened. (This is our new house.)
Then, this happened...and we had a blast, but I was a little out of my mind to do Disney while very pregnant.

 I made the girls something to wear for every day we were there.

Here I am, nine months pregnant, with the newly painted nursery wall as a backdrop.

And then...

he happened. 


and I got to sew my first coordinating outfits for my girls and my boy.

And thats what I've been up to.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - The rest of the month

I ran out of steam on the blogging end of things... sorry.  I kinda figured that would happen.  So here we are, mid-June and I'm finally throwing up some quick photos just to prove that I did indeed continue to wear me-mades in May after the 18th (which is where my last post left off)
Some days, were repeats of previously worn items and some days, my only me-made was my bag.

 I threw some kiddos wearing me-mades in there for good measure.

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo once more, but hopefully something will spark it again soon.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 14-18

Day 14 - My Sewaholic Renfrew made from two fat quarters of Spoonflower knit, a men's mustard yellow tee from Goodwill and a coral Old Navy tee.  You can see the original post about it here.

Day 15 - I wore my Vogue 1378 ponte pants.  More details here.  And some more pictures in this post as well.

Day 16 - This was a themed Friday over in the Flickr group and the theme was "Too Pretty To Wear Pants" after a commenter in a previous Me Made month made that comment about one of the participants.  So it is a bit of an inside joke to the Me Made Flickr group. I wore a maxi dress made by altering McCalls 6559 a bit and carried my Gretelies Josipa bag. Dress blogged here.

and bag blogged here.

Day 17 - I wore my denim knit leggings that took me from lounging/sewing during the day to attending my husband's grandma's birthday dinner in the evening.

Day 18 - I carried my Josipa bag again today that you saw up there with my maxi dress and that is the only me-made I can claim for this day.

Random highlights of today - 
I got two pairs of denim shorts at Old Navy today that I love the fit and the look of.  When I can buy something I love for less than the cost of the materials to sew something similar (not to mention I am not even ready to sew jean shorts with rivets and such) I definitely have no regrets buying it.  I am grateful for sales and getting two pairs of shorts for $25 makes me very happy.

We went to the High Museum of Art for a members only preview of their latest exhibit, Dream Cars, and saw the neatest thing!
It's a BMW concept car covered in fabric!

This concept car is covered in two layers of fabric stretched over an aluminum/carbon fiber frame. There is an under layer of wire mesh and an outer layer of polyurethane-coated lycra that is resistant to water, heat and cold. It was designed with customization of the shape of the car in mine, according to changing consumer desires.  
I could see the stitches down the center of the hood.  It was so cool.

Will a Spoonflower contest of the future be to design a the fabric to cover the exterior of a car?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 9-13

Back again with another Me Made May encapsulated update to try to get up to speed.

Day 9 - My husband took my girls and I to breakfast.  You may be able to tell in the picture that I am still bleary-eyed and have not yet had my first cup of coffee.  It was a Friday challenge day and the theme was "blue" (Every Friday on the MMM Flickr group, there is a theme.) so I wore my Colette Clovers made from turquoise bengaline stretch material.  I had to take them off soon after we got home because they were not stretchy enough to adjust to the big breakfast I ate!

Day 10 - Oops... I somehow lost track of this day and don't know now what I wore.

Day 11 - Mother's Day!  We went to church and then had a lovely buffet lunch at the country club my husband's grandparents belong to.  I wore McCalls 2187, not fully blogged, but pictured and mentioned here.

Day 12 - My underwear was my me made of the day.  It's from when I tested the Jocole Ladies Basic Brief Bottoms, which are easy to sew, but anything but a basic pattern.  With a million and one variations of leg openings and waist heights and even a ruched butt option, these are the only panty pattern you may ever need to try.  I won't post a pic, but you can find my tester picture (pink and red fox panties) at the bottom of this page.

Day 13 - We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and I tried out a bit of a mixed up style with shorts and a 3/4 sleeve cowl made from the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern.  Preppy spring?  I dunno.  I carried my Handmade Therapy Satchel and wore my favorite Crocs.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 4 - 8

I knew my Me Made posts would start to lag behind and here we are, already halfway through the month.  I won't hit you with 10 at once, so we'll just look at days 4-8 today, k?

Day 4 - This was the first time out for McCalls 6841.  I figured out a way to style it with a tank top under and a cardigan over.  I was pretty pleased with that look, but I hate to only be able to wear it in cool weather.  We'll see.

Day 5 - I used the Ki ba doo Raglan pattern and some euro clouds to make a fun tee.

Day 6 - My only me-made on the 6th was my Handmade Therapy Satchel Bag.

Day 7 - My Piko top that I made because of all the patterns I was sewing while promoting the Sew Fab sale.  I've worn it twice now.  It's very easy to wear and nice and cool on hot days.  This was a good make and a great way to finally use this fabric leftover from my wadder.

 and Day 8 I didn't wear anything me-made except when taking photos for my Rigel Bomber post...so I'm counting that.

I've sewn about 6 items for me already this month, which is awesome, even though that wasn't part of my pledge.  I'll be back another day with another update!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber

Wow, you guys!  Just wow.  After my recent tear-inducing faliure trying to make coats for my girls for Easter, I was really nervous about the pattern I chose about a month ago for my guest spot on the Pattern Revolution blog.
I was honored to be invited to do a post in the Runway Deconstructed theme.  My partner, Teronia, and I put our heads together and chose the polka dot as our fave runway trend.  Then it was time to choose a pattern.
I bet you've seen some of the many examples of Papercut Patterns Rigel Bombers out there, but if not, take a look here, here, and here.  There are so many more pretty ones out there and I really wanted to try my hand at it.
Papercut Patterns graciously donated the Rigel pattern when Robin of Pattern Revolution asked them if she could feature it on the blog.
So here is how it looked when I opened my package all the way from Australia.

That folded paper is like a brown paper bag and not the lightweight tissue you often find in paper patterns. I have mixed feelings about that because tissue is easier for me to pin to fabrics and plays nicer with slippery fabrics, but this brown paper is heartier and will last through many makes.
A look inside...

And once I got all my pattern pieces cut out...

If you did not come here from the Pattern Revolution blog, you can read more about my fabric choice and see photos of the finished jacket in the Runway Deconstructed post.
If you have come to The Pretty Pickle from Pattern Revolution, you can read on for some behind-the-scenes details I didn't have room to share over there.

Once I cut out my fabric, which included cutting pieces for a lining which I wasn't sure I was going to be brave enough to tackle, I started going through the steps in my folded booklet.  
(Quick side note:  The only modification I made when cutting pieces was to cut a few inches extra length on the sleeves after reading several reviews that they ran short.)
I struggled a bit with piecing the sleeves together, mainly because I had neglected to clip my edges to mark the pieces properly according to the pattern.  When you have three different sized triangles in front of you and have to put them together like a puzzle to form a new shape, it's a little hard without the pattern markings.
I also wanted to make sure I did two of the three triangles with the fabric wrong-side out to play with the shiny and dull sides of the fabric and highlight the shapes of the pieces.  You can see how it works a bit in this picture.

So I got to step 5, the welt pockets, and then I chickened out.

I slept on it and came back with new determination and, as it turns out, there wasn't anything to be nervous about after all.  I felt like the instructions were not too wordy, but very clear and the diagrams are very helpful and clear as well.

I had to take a picture in case I ruined it with the zipper and the attempt at lining.  Nervous again.

But then I did it and it was a little challenging to work with a seperating zipper, but it just took some extra time to line it up and some extra pins and it was ok!

I have to give credit to my four-year old for these pictures.  My camera remote is being finicky and likes to be at a certain place by the camera before it will get the signal.  So I set up the camera and then got my girl to stand next next to the camera and push the remote button.
I had the mirror right there so I could check how my jacket was looking before shots if I needed to.

Look 2.

I'm proud of the inside.  haha.  I keep holding it open.

Thanks for stopping in to see me!  It was an honor to be featured at Pattern Revolution and I am so grateful to Papercut Patterns as well for the chance to try the Rigel Bomber.  I loved making it and I will love wearing it!